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We believe that active ownership (incorporating company engagement and proxy voting) can positively influence the behaviour and performance of the companies we invest in, and support the achievement of long-term shareholder value. We are committed to using the tools of engagement and voting to influence company behaviour for the benefit of companies, our members and wider society.

We seek to influence corporate governance practices and how companies manage social and environmental risks in line with our priority objectives of:

  • Governance – promote best practice corporate governance and encourage companies to maintain focus on shareholder value creation and risk reduction
  • Climate Change – support the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the low carbon transition
  • Human Rights – promote the protection of human rights in our investment supply chain
  • Gender equity – promote gender equity, diversity and inclusion 
  • Natural capital – influence how our industry and key decision makers value natural capital.

Engagement involves meeting with representatives of an investee company (usually members of the board or executive), in order to advocate for change. VicSuper undertakes company engagement indirectly through service providers because we believe this approach maximises our voice and influence. As a shareholder in the majority of top listed companies in Australia and overseas, we’re entitled to vote on resolutions proposed at shareholder meetings, and are committed to voting on all resolutions.

Voting provides us with the opportunity to express our views to management, which may involve voting against management.


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