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We take a whole-of-fund approach to corporate responsibility, aligning our corporate responsibility agenda with our strategic plan and operating framework. We believe this is integral to being a progressive, responsible and future-focused super fund. Our corporate responsibility commitments have been shaped by stakeholder engagement and by assessing our key risks and opportunities.


Our commitments include:

  1. Focusing on members in everything we do.
  2. Helping our members and the community make good financial choices by providing quality financial education, guidance and advice they can trust.
  3. Investing our members’ retirement savings responsibly to create long-term value by integrating environmental, social and governance factors into our investment processes, engaging for positive change and investing in sustainable outcomes.
  4. Being innovative and efficient to build business resilience so we can continue to deliver value-for-money products and services tailored to our members’ needs with minimal environmental impact.
  5. Maintaining a strong governance framework that goes beyond regulatory compliance to proactively manage business risks and foster ethical behaviour.
  6. Developing a workplace culture that lives by our values, fosters great leadership and accountability and delivers the best possible outcomes for our members.
  7. Fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships with business partners, suppliers and community organisations that share our values.
  8. Actively contributing to research, policy and advocacy on key issues in order to help create the type of world our members would like to retire in.
  9. Demonstrating our sense of responsibility towards the community by undertaking socially responsible initiatives that have a positive impact in the broader community.