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Helping our members achieve a better quality of life in retirement goes well beyond sound money management and great service – it’s just as much about taking a responsible approach to everything we do, and being a positive member of the communities we all share. We believe this is part of being a good corporate citizen and integral to being a progressive, responsible and future-focused super fund.

We’re here for our members, but we’re also here to be a positive member of the communities we operate in and society as a whole – we think the two go hand in hand. We use a robust methodology to ensure our approach to corporate responsibility is based on best practice, and to ensure our overarching strategy is closely aligned to both federal and state government priorities.

Our corporate responsibility strategy targets three key stakeholder groups:

  • our members and employers
  • our people
  • the communities in which we live and operate


Our corporate responsibility approach focuses on:

  • our accountability to our core values and ethics, who we are and the way we conduct our business
  • understanding the impact that we have on our environment and working to reduce our impact from waste, energy and our investments
  • supporting our communities in which we live and operate, working with the not-for-profit sector, government departments and charities on social issues that have an effect on our communities
  • being a responsible and inclusive employer, focusing on the well-being of our people, providing a respectful and flexible workplace
  • being a responsible super fund for our members, integrating environmental, social and governance factors into our investment decisions, engaging with the companies we invest in to influence position change in corporate behaviour, and investing in sustainable outcomes


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