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Thousands of Australians supplement their superannuation pension income with Centrelink entitlements.

One of our qualified financial planners can provide advice on how you can maximise your Centrelink benefits and make your retirement savings last longer.

Find out if you could be eligible for Centrelink entitlements and the benefits of combining them with one of our retirement income streams.


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Does my retirement income affect my eligibility for the Centrelink Age Pension?

Your eligibility for the Age Pension is based on Centrelink's Assets Test and Income Test, both of which may be affected by your other retirement income streams.

There are a number of rules that are applied by Centrelink when assessing your eligibility for the Age Pension, relating to your retirement income streams. There are also a number of ways to ensure that your Age Pension benefit is maximised. It is for these reasons that we strongly recommend you see one of our financial planners - to ensure you are making the most of your Age Pension and other retirement income streams.

The below assets and income table shows the assets and income thresholds applicable to the Centrelink Age Pension:

Singles Couples (includes opposite and same sex de facto couples) 
Total assets (excl. own home) do not exceed $578,250  Total assets (excl. own home) do not exceed $869,500
 Assessable income below $53,633 pa  Combined assessable income below $82,035 pa

*Guaranteed Income products are assessed differently under these tests. Please refer to the PDS section ‘Centrelink entitlements’ (PDF) for details.

Please note, these eligibility requirements apply to homeowners only, are current as at 20 March 2020 and may change during the year. For current information on the eligibility criteria for the Age Pension, visit the Centrelink website at


The benefits of combining your retirement income with Centrelink benefits

The Centrelink Age Pension is only designed to be a safety net – it provides a modest level of income to meet a basic standard of living.

And if retirement is still a few years away, don’t forget that there’s no guarantee of what amount will be provided by the Age Pension in the future.

You should therefore consider maximising the amount of super available from which to draw a retirement income. A combination of income sources can provide a more comfortable lifestyle in retirement.


Maximise your retirement income

Our qualified financial planners are experienced at helping members make the most of their retirement income from a mix of super and the Centrelink Age Pension. 

They can recommend ways to improve your Centrelink eligibility and use the Age Pension to help you get the best outcome possible.

We know retirement planning can be complex, which is why we offer advice over the phone, digitally and face-to-face. You can choose from a range of services we offer, from simple phone advice at no additional fee, through to more complex financial planning on a fee for service basis. You only pay for the service you use.

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