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Need to build your super savings fast or ease into retirement?

A transition to retirement strategy may be suitable for people who are eligible to access their super and want to cut back their working hours, but not retire completely. It can be a great way to supplement your income while you wind back gradually to explore new interests and ease into retirement.

Alternatively it can be used to accelerate your super savings while you continue to work when used in conjunction with salary sacrifice contributions. 
A transition to retirement income, such as the VicSuper Flexible Income with Transition to Retirement (TTR) feature, can offer great financial and tax benefits.

If you are considering investing in a Flexible Income account with the TTR feature (or are already invested in one), we recommend you call our Member Centre or talk one of our financial planners to find out how these changes could affect your retirement plans. 


Benefits of a transition to retirement strategy

  • Boost your super savings through extra salary sacrifice contributions while maintaining your take home income.
  • Alternatively, cut back your working hours but not your take-home pay.
  • You can earn tax-free income from your retirement income if you're aged 60 or over.


Is it right for me?

This strategy must be tailored to an individual's circumstances, so it's important you get expert advice from one of our financial planners.

However, as a guide it may be best suited to those who:

  • have a taxable income in excess of $18,200 pa and have a marginal tax rate of 19% or more1
  • want to reduce their working hours but maintain their standard of living; or
  • want to continue working full-time and boost their super before retirement without affecting their take-home pay.


How can I do this through VicSuper?

VicSuper Flexible Income with Transition to Retirement feature is designed specifically for people who want to transition to retirement.

You can receive up to 10% of your super savings per year as a regular income stream while you continue to work.


1 Based on ATO individual income tax rates 2021-22 (resident rates)
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