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OK, so we’re a little biased, of course we think super is important. After all, it’s our job to think that. But it’s also your future, shouldn’t you think that’s important? Here are three more reasons to give your super the thought you deserve…

It's your money

You earn every cent of your super. It’s money you work hard for, why wouldn’t you care? And it could grow to become one of the biggest assets you’ll ever have. Sure, you can’t access it right now, but it’s still up to you to decide how to invest it and grow it until you can get hold of it. And it’s not hard to pay a little attention to your super, in fact it’s precisely why we’re here to show you how to do it.

There shouldn’t be a time limit on having fun

Most of us plan to stop working one day, but why put a time limit on having fun? If you enjoy things like dining out with friends, movies and travel then you’ll probably still want to do those things (and more) when you retire. Your super can be a vital element in helping you afford it.

Choose your own adventure

The more you can save for your retirement now, the more choices you’ll have when it comes to how you get to enjoy it. Sure, the Age Pension is designed to be there as a fall back, but generally it can only offer access to a limited lifestyle. Whereas every dollar of super you save now can help open the door to a greater range of lifestyle options later, it might even help to make your ‘later’, sooner!

How much super will be enough?

Talk to us about how much super you might need for a retirement you can enjoy – we can help show you how to get there.