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It's easy to take us with you!

Did you know in most cases you can choose which fund your super is paid into, regardless of who you work for or what industry you work in?

All you need to do when changing jobs is give your new employer your VicSuper FutureSaver member number and ask them to pay your super into your VicSuper account.  Don't know your VicSuper FutureSaver member number?  Retrieve your member number.

You can also complete a "Choice of Super Fund Nomination" e-form online in a couple of minutes.  Remember this form needs to go to your new employer, not us!

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Change in circumstances

You don’t need an employer to keep building your super.


  • You may be eligible to claim tax deductions on contributions you make into super. Find out more about self-employed contributions.

Taking a break?

  • If you’re taking a break from the workforce, making after-tax contributions (even small amounts) can make a big difference to the amount of super you have at retirement because of the nature of compound interest (interest earned on interest).
    You may even have a spouse who is willing to make contributions into your account or split their super with you to help you stay on track. Read more about super for your spouse


More about making super contributions

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Already have a choice of fund form?

If your employer has provided you with choice of fund forms to complete, use our fund details below.

Fund name: VicSuper FutureSaver (Aware Super)

Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI): 
53 226 460 365 011

ABN: 53 226 460 365

Daytime phone number: 
1300 366 216

Member number: 
Retrieve your member number.