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From 5pm Tuesday 28 June until Thursday 7 July: Change of Income Details and Centrelink Schedules will not be available during this time.

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One super account for life

VicSuper FutureSaver is our superannuation account designed specifically for people who are of working age. 
Anyone who is eligible to make contributions into super can open an account, and it only takes a few minutes to join.


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  • Competitive fee structure

    Competitive fee structure

    Fee type Amount
    Investment fee 1,2 Ranges between 0.00% pa to 1.02% pa (estimated) depending on your investment option
    Administration fee 1,3  Account-keeping fee - $52 pa plus Administration fee - 0.15% pa (capped at $750 pa)
    Buy-sell spread
    Switching fee
    Advice fee
    Relating to all members investing in a particular investment option
    No advice fee is charged for providing general and simple advice limited to your account.
    Other fees and costs
    Advice fee (Comprehensive financial advice4)
    Additional fees may be paid to a financial planner. The fees will depend on the complexity of the advice you are seeking. If you obtain complex financial advice from a planner in our financial planning business, you will be informed of the cost before you proceed. If you are issued with a statement of advice, it will contain details of the fees, which may be deducted from your account when the advice is received (or you may need to pay the fee directly).
    Indirect Cost Ratio2,3
    Nil - all indirect costs are included in Investment fees.

    Refer to the Member Guide - Fees and costs to find out more about the fees that apply to the VicSuper FutureSaver members.

    1 If your account balance for a product offered by us is less than $6,000 at the end of our income year, the total combined amount of administration fees, investment fees and indirect costs charged to you is capped at 3% of your account balance. Any amount charged in excess of that cap must be refunded.
    2 Investment fees may vary from year to year and cannot be precisely calculated in advance. The investment fees reflect the 0.04% per annum Trustee fee (applicable to the diversified options only) and an estimate of other components of investment fees for the 12 months to 30 June 2021. Past costs are not a reliable indicator of future costs.
    3 The administration fee and account-keeping fee are deducted from your account at the end of each month in arrears.
    4 Only applicable to members who receive comprehensive financial advice. For more information on fees, refer to the Member Guide - Fees and costs.
  • Making contributions

    Accepted contributions

    Before-tax & other concessional contributions 
    After-tax contributions 
    • Employer superannuation guaranteed (SG)
    • Salary sacrifice contributions
    • Additional employer contributions 
    • Personal deductible contributions (including self-employed contributions)
    • Voluntary (personal) after-tax contributions 
    • Spouse contributions
    • Rollovers from other super funds 
    • Government co-contributions 
    • Lost super
    • Super contribution splitting
    • Low income super tax offset
    • Downsizer contributions

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  • Investment options

    Investment options

    Members can choose from a range of nine investment options:

    Members who don’t choose an option are automatically invested in the Growth (MySuper) Option.


  • Insurance
    Death & TPD cover
    Death only cover
    Income protection cover

    Automatic cover*

    6 units
    (Up to $309,000 
    depending on your age) 

     Automatic cover*

    Not applicable.
    (Death cover is available automatically with TPD cover)

     Automatic cover*

    6 units 
    (Up to $3,000 per month) 

     Maximum cover available

    Unlimited death cover
    Up to $5 million TPD cover

     Maximum cover available


     Maximum cover available

    Up to $30,000 per month


    Up to age 70


    Up to age 70 


    Up to age 65


    * Eligible new members who join through their employer receive automatic insurance cover. Other VicSuper FutureSaver members can apply for insurance.

    Find out more about insurance




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