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To choose what happens to your VicSuper Flexible Income account balance on your death, you can nominate your preferred beneficiaries.


Make a binding death benefit nomination

This allows you to decide who will receive your death benefit (provided they are a dependant or legal personal representative. Refer to the VicSuper Flexible Income PDS for definition of dependant).

The Trustee is obliged to pay your death benefit in accordance with a valid nomination.

You can do this by completing the Make, amend or cancel a death benefit nomination form.

You can also use this form to change or revoke a binding death benefit nomination.


Make a non-binding death benefit nomination

This enables you to nominate a preferred beneficiary or beneficiaries for the payment of your death benefit.

Payment of the death benefit is subject to Trustee discretion, but the non-binding nomination is an important consideration of the Trustee.

You can do this online via MembersOnline or by completing the Make, amend or cancel a death benefit nomination form.


Nominate a reversionary

You can only nominate one person as your reversionary. This person must be a dependant for superannuation and tax purposes. If you choose to select a reversionary, you must do so when you start a VicSuper Flexible Income account.

This person will automatically continue to receive your income payments on your death.

Once selected, you cannot change your reversionary except in limited circumstances (such as the death of the reversionary or divorce).


Changing your reversionary

In the event of the death of your reversionary or divorce, you may choose to revoke your existing reversionary nomination. You may choose to make new binding/non-binding death benefit nomination where applicable.

Please note that a new reversionary nomination can only be made at the commencement of a new VicSuper Flexible Income account. If you choose to close your current account and open a new account, you will be income tested under the new deeming rules.

More detailed information about nominating beneficiaries can be found in the VicSuper Flexible Income PDS. As this is a complex area, we recommend you seek advice from one of our financial planners.


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