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More than 150,000 members

insured with VicSuper FutureSaver as at 31 December 2019

Insurance through your super? It just makes sense…
  • no bills, no hassles – premiums deducted directly from your VicSuper FutureSaver account
  • automatic insurance cover for eligible members without the need for medical evidence
  • access to competitive discounted bulk insurance rates negotiated by our group life insurer.
Do you already have insurance cover with VicSuper FutureSaver?

Already a VicSuper FutureSaver member? You may have insurance cover with us – it depends on what type of VicSuper FutureSaver account you have (and that depends on how you joined). Select your joining method (below) to see if you might already have cover.

  • I joined VicSuper FutureSaver through my employer

    If you joined through your participating employer and are receiving SG contributions into your VicSuper FutureSaver account, you are an EmployeeSaver member. Generally, as an eligible EmployeeSaver member you will automatically receive default insurance cover if you are at least 25 years old, and your account balance has been at least $6,000.

    If you would like to begin your insurance cover prior to either of these events occurring, you can activate your default insurance cover early, subject to eligibility.

    Learn more about insurance cover for EmployeeSaver members in our Insurance Handbook (PDF 2.2mb)

  • I joined VicSuper FutureSaver myself

    If you joined us directly by completing an application form or joining online, you’re most likely a PersonalSaver member. You don’t get default insurance cover if you’re a PersonalSaver member, but you can still apply directly for our full suite of insurance options.

    Learn more about Insurance cover for PersonalSaver members in our Insurance Handbook (PDF 2.5mb)

Insurance that’s designed to suit your life

Saving for your future is important, but so is protecting your assets – and protecting your future lifestyle. With a range of cover options and competitive premiums, we’ve got your back when life throws you a curve ball.

Death and TPD cover

Provides you and your family with financial security if you die or become permanently disabled.

Learn more in our Insurance Handbook (PDF 2.5mb)

Death only cover

Provides your family or other dependents with some financial security
if you die.

Learn more in our Insurance Handbook (PDF 2.5mb)

Income protection cover

Provides a replacement income if you are affected by an injury or illness that impacts your ability to earn an income.

Learn more in our Insurance Handbook (PDF 2.5mb)

Changing or cancelling your cover

Need to make a change to your existing cover or cancel your cover?

Helping you work out your insurance needs

Not too much, and not too little, financial planners can help you assess your insurance needs.

You can choose from a range of services we offer, from simple phone advice at no additional fee, through to more complex financial planning on a fee for service basis. You only pay for the service you use. Learn more about how you can get started.

Or, use our insurance needs calculator to help you determine what type and how much cover you might need. Use the calculator.

Making a claim

We’d be perfectly happy if life never puts you in a position where you have to claim on your insurance – but if you ever have to deal with the unexpected, it can be reassuring to know you have some financial protection. We’ll even guide you through the claims process to help you get a swift response from the insurer.

Insurance at VicSuper

Our insurance strategy outlines our approach when designing the insurance we offer.