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View the latest unit prices for your super and retirement investment options, and find out a little more about how unit pricing works.

Unit prices reflect the value of the assets or investments within each investment option. A new unit price is set each business day and published the following business day generally after 6pm for each investment option. A business day is all weekdays excluding the following public holidays: New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day (when it falls on a weekday), Queen’s Birthday (in June), Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Unit prices are after investment tax (not applicable for VicSuper Flexible Income without TTR members) and investment costs, but are not net of administration-related fees or insurance premiums (VicSuper FutureSaver members only). 

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Learn more about unit prices

  • What are unit prices?

    When you invest in a super account (such as our FutureSaver account) or a retirement income account (such as our Flexible Income account), you receive units in the investment option you’ve chosen.

    Unit pricing gives us a way of determining what the units you hold are worth. The value of your units moves every day, in line with movements in the value of the underlying investments.

    Therefore a change in unit price over time is a reflection of the investment performance of the assets in the investment options.

  • How we calculate unit prices

    We calculate unit prices for each investment option every Melbourne business day and they’re published the following business day – usually after 6pm for each investment option. Investment fees, indirect costs and tax (as applicable) are factored into calculating the unit prices for each investment option (or term deposit maturity proceeds, if applicable).

  • Applying unit prices to contributions and payments

    If you withdraw money from your account, we sell some of your units. If you make a contribution to your account, we buy more units for you.

    Payments are paid using the latest available unit prices at the time of payment processing. Payment requests are generally processed within five to ten business days, once all the necessary paperwork and proof of identify requirements are met.

    Contributions are generally allocated within a reasonable timeframe using the unit prices of the business day on which the contributions are processed, provided that sufficient information is supplied with the contribution to identify the payer and the recipient.

  • Working out what your super and retirement income is worth

    To get an estimate of the current value of your super and retirement investments, simply multiply the current unit price of the particular investment option by the number of units you hold in that option.

Please refer to the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) to find out more about how and when unit prices are applied.

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