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From 5pm Tuesday 28 June until Thursday 7 July: Change of Income Details and Centrelink Schedules will not be available during this time.

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With nine investment options to choose from, there’s an option to suit you.

How you invest your savings can make a big difference to your super balance and retirement income.

Decide how you'd like your money invested by choosing from our nine investment options.

If you don't choose an investment option when you become a VicSuper member, your savings are invested in the Growth (MySuper) Option which is our default option.

You might like to consider reviewing your investment needs and changing your option if necessary.


Three things to consider when choosing an option

  1. Know your tolerance for risk and your investment timeframe

    Generally, the higher the risk, the higher the long-term returns are expected to be. And the longer your investment timeframe, the more likely it is that you will be able to ride out the ups and downs associated with higher risk options. Read our investment basics and the relevant Target Market Determination (TMD). 
  2. Compare VicSuper’s investment options

    Each of our nine options has a different investment strategy, return objective and risk measure. Compare our investment options to find an option that's right for you.
  3. Choose an option

    You can choose one investment option or create a tailored strategy by splitting your savings across multiple options.

    If you're a VicSuper FutureSaver member you can also specify whether you want to change your options for your entire account balance or just for your future contributions.


Make your change

We don't charge fees to change your options. You can choose one option or specify a mix.


Login to your account to change your investment options via MembersOnline.

Changes received before midnight (Melbourne time) will be processed using the next business day's unit prices.

If you're not registered for MembersOnline already, you can register easily online. 


Download the form

Complete a Change your investment options form and send it to us at: 
VicSuper, GPO Box 89 Melbourne Vic 3001

Changes received by mail or at a VicSuper advice centre before 4pm (Melbourne time) on a business day will be processed using the next business day's unit prices.


Things you should know

VicSuper does not charge fees for changing your investment options.

Once a change has been submitted it cannot be cancelled. There is no limit on the number of times you can change your investment options.

Once you submit a change, we cannot process another change until your initial change has been processed. This generally takes three business days.

If you are invested in a term deposit you cannot change your investment options while the maturity is being processed. This generally takes three business days

If you’re a VicSuper Flexible Income member you can request a rebalance of your investment options via MembersOnline or by completing a Change your investment options form.

We have qualified financial planners who can help you work out an investment strategy or the best option for you. Find out more about our advice service.

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