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FutureSaver and Flexible Income
Summary Primarily invests in term deposits and other short-term debt securities with a maturity of less than one year. Note that this option is not guaranteed by the Australian Government or the Trustee.
Investment objective1 To meet or exceed the return of the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index, over rolling 12-month periods, before taking into account fees, costs and tax.
Strategic asset allocation
Minimum suggested investment timeframe Short term (up to 2 years)
Standard Risk Measure2 1 - Very Low

Estimated number of negative annual returns over any 20-year period2 Less than 0.5

Who might invest in this option? This option may suit investors who seek a very low risk short-term investment with very stable but low expected returns. You should be aware that, depending on prevailing interest rates, the return you receive may not keep pace with inflation, and during periods of very low interest rates there is the possibility for negative returns once all fees are taken into account. This may mean there is little or no short-term real growth.

1. The investment objective does not constitute a forecast or guarantee of future performance or the future rates of return of the investment option.
2. For more information on the methodology used to determine risk measures and the estimated number of annual negative returns, refer to Standard Risk Measures in the How we invest your money Member Guide (for FutureSaver) or the Flexible Income PDS (for Flexible Income).
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