Half Year Investment Update
Half Year Investment Update

Unique insights on markets, your investments, and how we're helping to grow your retirement savings.

Unique insights on markets, your investments, and how we're helping to grow your retirement savings.

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Open Book May 2019: 'Get real' - investing in Real Assets
This CIO Update focuses on Real Assets – what they are, how we invest in them, and how they help to build and protect members’ retirement savings.

Open Book March 2019: Investing beyond the volatility in 2019
Read about what this means and how our investment portfolio is well placed to navigate the year ahead.

Open Book February 2019: Why good governance matters
Read about how governance, as well as social and environmental factors, can have a significant impact on investment risk and return.

Open Book February 2019: Half-Year Investment Update
Find out how despite share volatility over the second half of last year, the Growth (MySuper) and Balanced options were positive in calendar year 2018.
Read the FutureSaver Update and read the Flexible Income Update.

Open Book January 2019: Don’t get caught in the short-term trap in 2019
Learn about the key investment themes moving into 2019 and how they will shape our investment strategy this year.

Open Book December 2018: Staying the course
Learn how by building resilience into our investment strategy and ‘staying the course’, we have delivered solid long-term investment returns for our members.

Open Book November 2018: Investing between the flags
Find out how a long-term, true-to label approach is helping to build and protect our members' retirement savings.

Open Book October 2018: The power of diversification - it's not all about shares!
Find out why it’s critical to focus on your long-term investment journey.

Open Book August 2018: Investing for a sustainable future
Learn more about responsible investment—what it is, how we think about it, and most importantly, how we use it to help protect the long-term value of our members’ retirement savings.

Open Book July 2018: Investing for your future
Learn more about investment strategy and how we’re putting members’ retirement savings to work with the aim of delivering on our long-term investment objectives.

Open Book June 2018: Achieving A+ for responsible investment
Learn more about how we achieved an A+ rating for our responsible investment strategy and governance.

Open Book May 2018: Recognised for responsible investment
Learn more about how we've been recognised as one of 13 leading funds that demonstrate responsible investment.