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Considering your investment options

When considering which investment options to choose, it is important that you understand the relationship between risk and return and how it is affected by time. 

  • Risk refers to the variability or fluctuation of returns (including a negative return).
  • Return refers to how much you earn on your investment, expressed as a percentage per annum.

Achieving higher returns requires the acceptance of higher levels of risk. This generally requires a higher allocation to growth assets such as equities. A growth asset is an asset that provides investment returns primarily in the form of capital growth (an increase in the dollar value of the asset over time).

For example the Equity Growth option with 67.5%1 allocation to equities would be expected to provide higher average returns over the long term than the Capital Secure option (which has a 16%1 allocation to equities) but the variability of returns, that is risk, would be expected to be greater.


Investment options expected risk and return profile


Risk and Return

Note: The above graph provides a broad overview of the expected risk and return for the options for comparison.

It is illustrative only and is not a forecast or guarantee of the future returns of the investment options shown. Similarly, it should not be relied on as providing an accurate indication of the level of risk associated with any one option. Each option is subject to different types of risks and can be impacted by those particular risks to varying degrees depending on the nature of the option’s investments.

As shown, the Socially Conscious option has a higher risk/return profile for FutureSaver and Flexible Income with the Transition to Retirement (TTR) feature.

For more information refer to our investment options.

1 Strategic asset allocation to Australian equities and International equities for FutureSaver and Flexible Income with the Transition to Retirement feature.
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