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From 5pm Tuesday 28 June until Thursday 7 July: Change of Income Details and Centrelink Schedules will not be available during this time.

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How we manage your super

The investment team delivers value to members with an approach that focuses on:

  • Strategic and active asset allocation to get the right mix of different investment types.
  • High quality research to underpin and improve investment decisions.
  • Managing select assets in-house, which brings market insights and greater access to unique opportunities.
  • Active ownership and engagement to drive positive change with companies we invest in.
  • Integrating Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) considerations into the investment process.
  • Professional investment managers invest your money
    Our dedicated team of investment specialists and the experts we partner with, are working for you to add value to your super savings.

    We work with a panel of professional investment managers who specialise in different asset types to assist us in managing your super.

    Aware Super Pty Ltd, as trustee of the Fund, has a team of investment specialists who oversee our investment portfolios and manage a number of investments in house.

    Our in-house investment team manages investments in cash, Australian equities, international equities, fixed income, infrastructure, credit income, unlisted property and private equity. The team also performs a cash flow and portfolio re-balancing function for the diversified investment options to help make sure each option is invested as closely as possible in line with the target asset allocations.
  • Our investment managers
    Australian equities Diversified options (excluding Socially Conscious)

    • Aware Super Pty Ltd
    • Hyperion Asset Management Limited
    • Northcape Capital Pty Ltd
    • Plato Investment Management Limited
    • Schroder Investment Management Australia Limited
    • Selector Funds Management Limited
    • State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Ltd
    • Tyndall Asset Management
    • Vinva Investment Management Ltd
    • Yarra Funds Management Limited
    Socially Conscious option

    • First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM Ltd
    • Redpoint Investment Management Pty Ltd
    Australian Shares option

    • State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Ltd 
    International equities Diversified options (excluding Socially Conscious)

    • Acadian Asset Management (Australia) Limited
    • Ardevora Asset Management LLP
    • Artisan Partners Limited Partnership
    • Aware Super Pty Ltd
    • Baillie Gifford Overseas Ltd
    • BlueBay Asset Management LLP
    • EAM Global Investors LLC
    • FIL Investment Management (Australia) Limited
    • Macquarie Investment Management Australia Limited
    • Neo-Criterion Capital Limited
    • Sanders Capital LLC
    • Southeastern Asset Management, Inc.
    • State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Ltd
    • Sustainable Growth Advisers LP
    • Veritas Asset Management LLP
    • Wellington Management Australia Pty Ltd
    Socially Conscious option

    • First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM Ltd
    • Hermes Investment Management Ltd
    Fixed income Diversified options (excluding Socially Conscious)

    • Aware Super Pty Ltd
    • Challenger Life Company Limited
    • State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Ltd
    Socially Conscious option

    • BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Limited
    • Altis Asset Management Pty Ltd1
    • Aware Super Pty Ltd1
    • Blackoak Capital Pty Ltd1
    • Dexus Wholesale Property Limited1
    • EG Funds Management Pty Ltd1
    • Goodman Consultoria, Participações e Administração de Valores Mobiliários Ltda1
    • Goodman Funds Management Australia Limited1
    • GPT Funds Management Limited1
    • HE Management II, S.à.r.l1
    • Lendlease (US) Investment Management LLC1
    • Lendlease Real Estate Investments Limited1
    • Lendlease Retirement Living Holding Pty Ltd1
    • Satterley Property Group Pty Ltd1
    • State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Ltd
    • Stride Property Limited1
    • US Industrial Club IV GP, LP1
    • Vicinity Funds Management Pty Ltd1
    Private equity
    • Adamantem Capital Pty Ltd1
    • AE Industrial Partners, LLC1
    • Allegro Funds Pty Ltd
    • aPriori Capital Partners L.P.
    • Archer Capital Pty Limited
    • Aware Super Pty Ltd
    • Blackbird Ventures Pty Ltd1
    • Bridgepoint Advisers II Limited
    • Castik Capital, S.à.r.l.1
    • Continuity Capital Partners Pty Limited
    • Crescent Capital Partners Management Pty Limited
    • Emerald Technology Ventures AG, Zurich
    • Foundry Group Next, L.P.1
    • FTV Management Company, L.P.1
    • Generation Investment Management LLP1
    • GHO Capital Management Limited1
    • Hawkesbridge Limited
    • IFM Investors Pty Ltd
    • KKR Australia Investment Management Pty Ltd1 
    • LYFE Capital Investment Management Limited1 
    • Motive Capital Management, LLC1 
    • New 2ND Capital Advisors, L.P.1 
    • Nexus Point Management Limited1 
    • Northlane Capital Partners, LLC1 
    • Odyssey Private Equity Pty Limited
    • Openspace Ventures Pte Ltd1 
    • Potentia Capital Management Pty Ltd1 
    • Potentum Partners, L.P.1 
    • ROC Capital Pty Ltd1
    • Searchlight Capital Partners, L.P.
    • SER Capital Partners, LLC1 
    • Solace Capital Partners, LLC1 
    • StepStone Group, LP1
    • Sterling Fund Management, LLC1 
    • Updata Management, LLC1 
    • Warburg Pincus LLC1
    • Webster Equity Partners, LLC1
    • Wilshire Australia Pty Ltd1 
    • WM Partners, L.P.1
    Infrastructure & real assets
    • Argyle Capital Partners Pty Ltd1
    • Aware Super Pty Ltd1
    • Campbell Global, LLC1
    • Darby Servtec Energia GP, LLC1
    • Equis Funds Pte. Ltd.
    • First Sentier Infrastructure Managers (International) Limited1 
    • First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM Ltd
    • HRL Morrison & Co (Australia) Pty Limited
    • Infrastructure Capital Group Limited
    •  IFM Investors Pty Ltd
    • J.P. Morgan Investment Management, Inc.
    • Kilter Pty Ltd (Kilter Rural)1
    • Lendlease Infrastructure Investment Management Pty Ltd1
    • Lighthouse Infrastructure Funds Management Limited1
    • Morgan Stanley Investment Management (Australia) Pty Limited
    • Orion Energy Partners, LP
    • Palisade Investment Partners Limited
    • QIC Limited1
    • ROC Capital Pty Ltd1
    • Sentient Investment Management Pty Ltd1
    • Stafford Capital Partners Limited
    • StepStone Group Real Assets LP
     Credit income
    • Ares Management UK Limited
    • Aware Super Pty Ltd1
    • Bain Capital Credit, LP
    • Flag Asset Management Pty Ltd
    • Intermediate Capital Group
    • Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
    • Payden & Rygel Global Limited
    • Quadrant Real Estate Advisors LLC
    • Westbourne Credit Management Ltd
    Liquid alternatives (Growth)2
    • Bridgewater Associates, Inc.
    • GMO Australia Limited
    • Insight Investment Management (Global) Limited
    • Nephila Capital Ltd
    • Pacific Investment Management Company LLC (PIMCO)
    Liquid alternatives (Defensive)2
    • 36 South Capital Advisors LLP
    • AlphaSimplex Group, LLC
    • AQR Capital Management, LLC
    • Invesco Australia Ltd
    Cash Diversified options

    • Aware Super Pty Ltd1
    • Flag Asset Management Pty Ltd
    • Perpetual Limited
    Cash option

    • Aware Super Pty Ltd
    Currency management
    • Aware Super Pty Ltd1
    • State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Ltd1

    1 Indicates managers that are applicable to the Socially Conscious option for the relevant asset class
    2 From 1 November 2020 the Liquid alternatives asset class has been broken down into Liquid alternatives (Growth) and Liquid alternatives (Defensive).
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