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FAQs about providing employee email addresses to VicSuper

  • What if some of my employees don't have an email address?

    Just leave the field blank. We know some organisations employ staff that don't have email addresses so we'll still keep in touch with these members the old fashioned way: by post.


  • What if I can provide a personal email address rather than a work address?

    We prefer that you provide a work email address. However, if your employees don't have one, then a personal email address is fine too. As their employer you need to provide information such as their name, date of birth and address - so a personal email address is just an extension of this. 


  • I'm not registered for VicSuper EmployersOnline, can I still use it?

    Yes, but you'll need to register first. To do this speak to your account consultant.


  • What happens if I get an email address wrong?

    Our email system records bounce backs and other details about delivery. If we can't successfully contact your staff via email, we contact them via mail.


  • Once I've provided an employee's email address do I need to do it again?

    No, but it won't hurt if the data is provided again and if you provide an update we'll record this on our system. Please ensure an email address is included each time you provide details of new starters or when details of any of your employees change.


  • Are there any legal problems with providing employee emails?

    No, the information is treated as confidential and we protect it in the same way as when you provide one of your employee's address or phone number - it's simply an extension of that. Read the Privacy Brochure (Employer information). You may want to check with your manager to be sure.


  • Why does VicSuper need this information?

    Emailing members is a big part of how VicSuper tries to conduct its business in a more sustainable way. Also, VicSuper members are steadily opting for email over regular mail - so capturing email addresses early is the best way to stay in touch with new members.


  • How do I provide data to VicSuper?

    You can send information to VicSuper in one of four easy ways:

    1. Enter employee email addresses when using VicSuper EmployersOnline (available 1 September 2010)
    2. Include employee email addresses when you email contribution and new member details to
    3. Complete the email fields on VicSuper's new hardcopy form (available 28 July)
    4. Through your clearing house (if you make payments through one)

    If you are providing contribution and member data files via email or VicSuper EmployersOnline, then use this basic format:

    All you need to do is add a column in your data each time you provide a data file through VicSuper EmployersOnline (recommended method) or via email.


    Member number Email 


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