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If you’ve changed jobs over the years, chances are you may have several super accounts

Having lots of super accounts means multiple sets of fees which could impact your long-term super savings. 

Find your other super accounts via MyGov, or if you already have the details of your other super accounts – choose one of these easy options.  

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To rollover online all you need is a VicSuper MembersOnline account – if you don't have one, register now.

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  1. Go to Grow my super > Rollover to VicSuper
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Complete a Rollover your super to VicSuper form (PDF). You’ll need a form for each account you want to transfer into your account.

Before you transfer your super you should check the implications for fees and tax, and any benefits like insurance you may have.

You should consider your personal circumstances before proceeding with any rollovers.

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