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Launching in May 2021, our new clearing house and Single Touch Payroll (STP) service provides a significant improvement in usability and functionality for our valued employers.

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  • What our clearing house offers you

    For employers, our new clearing house offers more sophisticated reporting options that enable you to get a better view of your staff:

    • A simple interface with fast and easy registration and onboarding
    • Reduced operational risk and manual handling processes
    • Easy to learn system with a user-friendly interface
    • Unlock organisational insights with streamlined reporting

    For payroll teams our new clearing house makes your job much easier. Intelligent, user focussed functionality reduces double handling and makes it easier than ever for you to pay employee’s super:

    • All errors addressed on screen – no manual editing and reloading files
    • Only members with errors presented, and relevant field(s) highlighted – allowing for easy error correction
    • Auto creation of new SMSFs (where details provided in the file), alternatively new SMSFs can be added at time of file submission
    • Direct Debt payment option available – automates payments and ensures that exact payment values and references are used, ensuring straight through processing

    Your EmployersOnline access will become ‘read only’ from the end of your allocated transition month. You will be able to access the system to view any response messages or download reporting until the system is decommissioned on 1 November 2021.

  • Register for access to our new clearing house in just 5 minutes

    If you are migrating from our EmployersOnline portal, all you need is your ABN to get started, we’ll have migrated all your employer and active employee data to the new system. To complete your registration, all you’ll need to do is review and verify that your details are correct or make changes if required. 

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  • Get support

    Need help with registration?

    Our registration support team is available to step you through the process. Call them on 02 8256 4500.

    For questions on how to use the clearing house after registration, you can reach our Employer Services team on 1300 878 737.

Already registered for our new clearing house?