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Most working Australians are given the choice to select their super fund.

While you may need to offer your employees the option to choose their super fund, VicSuper has you covered for those employees who don’t make their own choice.

MySuper authorised

From 1 January 2014, all employers must pay default SG contributions to a fund with an APRA See Australian Prudential Regulation Authority approved 'MySuper' product.

You can make SG contributions into the Growth (MySuper) Option which is an authorised MySuper product within VicSuper FutureSaver.

You must make payments to the nominated default fund until your employee returns their Standard choice form.

Your checklist to offering choice of fund and fulfilling your obligations

  • Identify eligible employees
  • Identify an appropriate default fund having regard to your obligations under any Awards or Agreements
  • Provide a Standard choice form to eligible employees within 28 days of their employment commencement
  • Act on your employee’s choice of fund by making SG contributions within 2 months of being notified of their choice
  • Make SG contributions to your nominated default fund for employees who have not chosen a fund (including those who have not yet returned their choice form). Remember that you don’t have to wait for your employees to return their choice form to make SG contributions. It is important that you meet the payment dates to avoid an additional SG charge.
  • Keep records that confirm you have met your obligations

Standard choice form details for VicSuper


Aware Super

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VicSuper FutureSaver

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53 226 460 365

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1300 366 216

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Employees can refer to their VicSuper Benefit Statement, welcome letter or call our Member Centre to obtain their member number.


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