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From 5pm Tuesday 28 June until Thursday 7 July: Change of Income Details and Centrelink Schedules will not be available during this time.

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Meet our investment experts

Q&A with Jacki Ellis, CFA – Portfolio Manager, Retirement Strategy

As Portfolio Manager – Retirement Strategy, Jacki Ellis develops specific investment strategies designed to cushion the impact of market falls and deliver value for members nearing or in retirement.

Jacki ellis portfolio manager

Jacki Ellis, CFA - Portfolio Manager, Retirement Strategy

What is your role?

My job is mostly about developing investment strategies and retirement solutions best suited to our members’ needs as they change over time. This helps give members the best possible outcomes through the critical phase as they move into retirement.

How do you help members retire with more?

How your super is managed should be suited to your stage of life. When you're young, it can make sense to chase high returns, even if it means taking on some extra risk and riding out market ups and downs. As you approach retirement, preserving what you have and minimising what you may lose if markets fall, becomes much more important. You have less time to make up any losses – and if you’re not working, less ability to contribute more to your super. This is how we manage your money as you near or move into retirement.

What gets you out of bed every day to do your job?

Being a portfolio manager is a passion, not just a job! I combine my love of investing while helping to deliver the best possible retirement outcomes for our members.

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