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How we're tracking

Aware Super believes climate change is a significant risk to the plant, our investment portfolio and ultimately our members' retirement outcomes. 

To address this risk, we launched our Climate Change Portfolio Transition Plan (Transition Plan) last year. The Transition Plan is a framework of recommendations and targets that will focus our efforts over the short, medium and long-term to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Aware Super has committed to achieving net zero in our investment portfolio by 2050. Significant progress has been made over the past 12 months in line with the targets and ambitious goals set in our Transition Plan. Some highlights include:

  • Divesting from thermal coal
  • 45% emissions intensity reduction across our share portfolios, which is greater than the goal of 30% by 2023 we set out to achieve
  • Investing over $1bn in renewables and low-carbon technology
  • Using our ownership rights to get voluntary commitment from some of the world’s highest emitters to create low-carbon strategies.

These achievements are only a small part of what we’re doing to address climate change.

climate change plan


"Sometimes our members ask us how we’re living up to our promise of being a top-performing fund when we make investment decisions which also have climate change at their heart. Some may even think that top investment performance isn’t compatible with investing in ways that address climate change.

At Aware Super we believe the opposite is true. Climate change is a significant risk to our investment portfolio, so managing climate risk is one of the ways we put members first. Therefore, to deliver long-term sustainable returns to our members, we actively address climate change."

- Liza McDonald, Head of Responsible Investment

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Our commitment to addressing climate change is part of how we do good while doing well for you.