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Meet our investment experts 

Damian Graham – Chief Investment Officer

What is your role?

I’m fortunate to lead a team of more than 70 highly experienced investment professionals. I have overall responsibility for the team, our investment strategy and investment options, and for ensuring our investments continue to deliver strong long-term returns while helping to improve our communities, economy and environment.

How does your role benefit members?

A key part of my job is to ensure our investment decisions help grow and protect members’ retirement savings. Super is a long-term investment, so our focus is on creating strong long-term returns for our members.

What is your team investing in?

The team has a consistent pipeline of investment opportunities, which are carefully researched to make sure they fit in our portfolio to help achieve our investment objective. This year alone we’ve invested over $1 billion in renewable energy and low carbon technologies as part of our commitment to addressing climate change and supporting innovation. We’ve made significant commitments to affordable housing for key workers, adding new locations in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. More recently, we’ve invested in digital infrastructure, acquiring a 50% stake in Vocus group (telecommunications), and taking equity ownership in Spanish rental housing group, Vivenio.

What motivates you?

Being part of the investment team responsible for delivering top performance and helping our members retire with more definitely keeps me motivated every day. I’m proud to lead such a highly skilled and dedicated group of investment professionals.

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"Super is a long-term investment, so our focus is on creating strong long-term returns for our members."

Damian Graham – Aware Super Chief Investment Officer 

Damien Webb – Deputy Chief Investment Officer and Head of Real Assets

What is your role?

I’m responsible for delivering the fund’s real assets investment program. Real assets are investments within our Property and Infrastructure asset classes. Each asset class has a sizeable investment team that drives our investment activity. I also support the broader team in our strategic plans to be a world class investment leader with a members-first philosophy at the core.

How does your role benefit members?

Our fund invests in assets like shares and cash, as well as high quality assets that are difficult to access because they require large investment amounts and detailed due diligence. Our fund’s size and scale enable members to share the benefits of investing in such assets, not normally available to individual investors. When deciding to invest in infrastructure or property, we look for businesses that can deliver solid long-term capital growth and an attractive, often inflation-linked income stream. This all contributes to strong long-term returns to you as a member.

What is your team investing in?

We invest in ‘real’ assets such as property, and infrastructure like hospitals, windfarms, an almond farm, or essential worker housing. They’re all physical examples of how we do well for members while aiming to deliver strong returns.

Last year we made some key investments in Australia and overseas. We expanded our property portfolio with City ID in Amsterdam and Spanish rental housing group Vivenio, and at home we continued to increase our commitment to essential worker housing. In the infrastructure space we made an investment in Vocus and extended our commitments to renewables by increasing our investment in Tilt Renewables.

What motivates you?

My passion for investing to help secure a better financial future for our members gets me up each day for work. Alongside the investment team, I’m driven to invest in high-quality, value-adding assets. In my new role as Deputy CIO, I’m excited to help the investment team’s bold plans for further direct engagement and offshore expansion. And working with a great team and trusted external partners makes that motivation all the easier!

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“Alongside the investment team, I’m driven to invest in high quality, value-adding assets.”

Damien Webb – Aware Super Deputy Chief Investment Officer and Head of Real Assets
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