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Strong long-term returns help you retire with more

Financial markets continue to perform well

Most global share markets continued to perform well over the quarter to 30 September 2021, and many remain close to record highs. As vaccination rates rise and economies around the world re-open, there are signs that inflation will begin to return, and the expectation that interest rates will begin to rise helped push bond yields higher.

Energy prices rose due to shortages of natural gas, coal and electricity in Europe, China and the UK in the lead up to winter and the ongoing shift to cleaner power. What remains to be seen is how central banks around the world react to the possibility of rising inflation.

Strong long-term returns

Returns for VicSuper members from our diversified options over the 3, 5 and 10-year periods to 30 September 2021 were strong and compared favourably to industry medians. Our default FutureSaver Growth option, in which most of our members are invested, continues to perform well, helping to build members’ retirement balances.

  • The VicSuper FutureSaver Growth option (default) returned 9.3% p.a., 9.6% p.a. and 10.2% p.a. over 3, 5 and 10 years respectively, making it a top-performing fund over these periods.1




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Our retirement strategies are working hard for you

Our retirement-focused investment options also continued to deliver strong long-term performance.The pension stream Flexible Income Growth (without TTR feature) option returned 9.6%, 10.2% p.a. and 11.1% p.a. over 3, 5 and 10 years respectively.

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