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Investment strategy - our investment focus for the next five years

We’re excited to share with you some of the key focus areas of our five-year investment strategy which was recently approved by the Aware Super Board. Our aim is to deliver strong, sustainable returns to members and have a positive impact on the community.

As Aware Super develops and grows, we’ll continue to use our size and scale to deliver great value to our members. In positioning the team for growth, we’re focusing on:

  • Investment expertise – we’re increasingly bringing our investment and operational expertise in-house where it makes sense to do so. By managing money in-house, we can control costs – which means competitive fees and investment opportunities for members. 
  • Global footprint – we’ll expand our physical presence over the next few years in key international investment markets, particularly the UK, Europe, and the US. This will enable us to widen the type, opportunities, and diversification of investments we offer to members as well as take advantage of local opportunities when they present themselves.
  • Responsible Investing – we will further develop our dedicated responsible investing capability, to support us on our commitment to do well for our members and good in our community by being leaders in responsible investing.

Importantly, our investment beliefs have not changed, nor has our purpose to be a force for good in super and retirement, shaping the best outcomes for our members, their families and communities, and our industry.

"We’re growing and laying the foundation to deliver for our members for decades to come"

Damian Graham – Aware Super Chief Investment Officer 

Investing in infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure helps diversify our investment portfolio, with the added benefit of providing tangible products and services our members and communities need

Vocus Group 

Aware Super recently acquired 50% of Vocus Group in partnership with Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets. Vocus was a listed integrated telecommunications company operating across Australia and New Zealand, which following the acquisition is now a private entity.  

Vocus provides both corporate (fibre, ethernet, internet, data centre) and consumer (data, voice, mobile) products. Its key offering is a strategic national fibre network which provides connectivity to enterprise, government, and wholesale customers across Australia.  

We believe the telecommunications sector has significant growth potential, and is aligned to our purpose of delivering strong, sustainable long-term returns to our members while supporting the community in which they live, work and retire. Data and technology infrastructure is a sub-sector that is expected to experience higher than average growth as the world continues to use more internet and data across a range of day-to-day activities and technologies.  

  • Members in our diversified options, through the infrastructure and real assets allocation, will have exposure to Vocus Group.  
  • This asset class delivered an average annual return of over 11% for the 5-year period to 30 June 20211

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"This investment expands our footprint in digital infrastructure assets which we believe will offer compelling value for our members."

Returns reflect the investment portfolio of assets for the super products. Note VicSuper merged with Aware Super in July 2020 and before this time you may not have had access to the investments that make up this return, and your return history may differ. Please refer to the latest Member Booklet on our website for more information. Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

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