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Changes to minimum investment timeframes

Important information

For each of the VicSuper investment options, we provide a recommended minimum investment time frame as a guide for our members. These time frames are determined in consultation with our asset consultant. Following our merger on 1 July 2020, we aligned the VicSuper investment approach with that of Aware Super. As a result of changes made – such as using a different asset consultant, and changing the Strategic Asset Allocation and allocation to growth assets in some instances – there have been changes to the recommended minimum investment time frames for some of our investment options. These changes are shown below for your reference:


Investment option Previous recommended minimum investment time frame New recommended minimum investment time frame from 1 Nov 2020
Equity Growth 7-years plus Long term (10 years)
Socially Conscious 5-years plus Medium to long term (7 years)*
Capital Stable 3-years plus Medium term (4 years)
Capital Secure 1-year plus Short to medium term (3 years)
Australian Shares 7-years plus Long term (10 years)
Cash No time frame suggested Short term (up to 2 years)
* This change is applicable only to FutureSaver members or FutureSaver members with a Transition to Retirement feature.


Changes to the Strategic Asset Allocation of some of our investment options, effective 1 November 2020, were outlined in the previous edition of SuperNews.

Important information

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