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VicSuper to adopt Insurance Code

VicSuper is proud to announce that we are signatories to the Insurance in Super Voluntary Code of Practice.

This is a public expression of our long standing commitment to members to make every effort in our design for automatic (default) Death, TPD and Income Protection Insurances so they are appropriate and affordable, considering all aspects of our membership.

Particularly to ensure that premiums do not inappropriately erode savings in super.

The new Code is a first for the superannuation industry. It sets out a range of measures including:

  • making it simple and easy for members to opt out of insurance,
  • reducing the number of members paying unnecessary fees for multiple or inappropriate policies, and
  • better support for members when they make a claim.
Our new partnership with MetLife commencing 1 July 2018 delivers an enhanced insurance offer with a focus on transparency and ease of access for our members.
We look forward to working together with MetLife to deliver on all aspects of the code by 30 June 2021.

View the complete code. (PDF)