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VicSuper becomes signatory to Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code

Stewardship is the use of ownership to influence the activity or behaviour of investee companies. For listed equities, stewardship involves engaging with the companies we invest in, and voting our eligible shares. The Code was developed by the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) and launched in May. It seeks to increase the disclosure and management of stewardship activities.

The Code sets out six principles which signatories must commit to on an ‘if not, why not’ basis:

  1. Publicly disclose how they approach their stewardship responsibilities.
  2. Publicly disclose their policy for voting at company meetings and voting activity.
  3. Engage with companies either directly, indirectly (for example, via collective action or third-party providers) or both.
  4. Monitor asset managers’ stewardship activities.
  5. Encourage better alignment of the operation of the financial system and regulatory policy with the financial interests of long-term investors.
  6. Report to beneficiaries about their stewardship activities.
Our Chief Investment Officer, Andrew Howard, commented, “VicSuper is proud to become a signatory to the Stewardship Code. We are committed to using the tools of engagement and voting to influence company behaviour for the benefit of companies, our members and wider society.”

Read our Stewardship Statement (PDF).

Find further information on the Asset Owner Stewardship Code.