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Making a difference

Thank you for joining us for our second Annual Members’ Meeting. We enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on what was achieved for members in the 2021 financial year and share our outlook for the next 12 months.

We were established in 1994 with the goal to help our members enjoy the best quality of life in retirement. After growing into one of Australia’s leading profit-to-member super funds, in 2020, we merged and became part of Aware Super. We're now one of Australia’s largest super funds, and we’re aware of the difference we can make. We have the scale and expertise to do well for our members at the same time as doing good for all.



  • Questions & Answers

    The questions that were answered during the event can be found in the next section of this dropdown menu.

    The rest of the answers to the questions that were asked at the Annual Members’ Meeting are available here.

    Other additional questions and answers that were prepared ahead of the meeting can be found here.

  • Minutes of meeting
    You can view the minutes from the Annual Members’ Meeting here.
  • Agenda
    • What’s happening in the fund – strategy and enhancements we’re making for our members
    • Investment update – performance and future economic outlook
    • Q&A session

    You’ll hear from our leadership team who’ll answer your questions. Speakers include:

    • Neil Cochrane, Chairman
    • Deanne Stewart, Chief Executive Officer
    • Philip Moffitt, Director & Chair of Investment Committee
    • Damian Graham, Chief Investment Officer
  • Read our Annual Report 2021 and Additional Reports
  • Read about our action on climate change
  • Watch the videos about our performance and assets
    Diversified pool of assets


    A really strong year of returns
Past Annual Member Meetings
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