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Help at no additional cost – it's all part of being a VicSuper member

Whether you need advice or information, we’re here to help you get the right support when you need it, so you can feel confident you’ve made good choices when it comes to your future.

In addition to our Customer Service team1, as a benefit of being a VicSuper member, you can also speak with our Superannuation Advice team at no additional cost.

This team can provide advice specific to your VicSuper accumulation or pension funds across a range of areas:

Getting the most out of Super

  • How much super will I need to retire?
  • How do I set up a retirement income stream?
  • Is my insurance with VicSuper adequate?
  • How much extra can I contribute?
  • Which investment option should I select?

Using Super in retirement

  • How much longer will my income stream last?
  • How much should my pension payments be?
  • How much should I withdraw?
  • What are the age pension eligibility rules?

1 VicSuper membership includes access to a Superannuation Consultant at no additional cost. Fees are payable for Comprehensive advice, including about your financial situation outside super.

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