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VicSuper's history

We've been around for more than twenty-five years, firmly focused on serving our members by helping them plan for and protect their future.

In 2020, we merged with First State Super (now Aware Super), combining the strengths, experience and capabilities of the two funds. We’ve always shared a strong commitment to acting responsibly and being a force for good, and now together we will continue to drive the best outcomes for our members, employers and communities.

1994 - Established as a Victorian public sector fund

VicSuper Fund opened in 1994 and was originally a Victorian public sector fund administered by the Victorian Superannuation Board (VSB), a Government organisation set up to administer the superannuation accumulation benefits of many Victorian public servants.

1999 – Opens to most employers

On 1 July 1999, the VSB was replaced by two organisations:

  • VicSuper Pty Ltd, which replaced the VSB as Trustee and administrator of VicSuper Fund, the accumulation scheme for Victorian public servants
  • The Government Superannuation Office (GSO), which was established to administer the defined benefit schemes of the State Superannuation Fund (SSF). The SSF and the Emergency Services Superannuation Scheme later merged in 2005 to become one scheme for administrative purposes (called ESSSuper) under the trusteeship of the Emergency Services.

From this date, VicSuper Fund became open to most employers in Australia, including all private sector employers.

2000 – All Australians able to join

In July 2000, VicSuper Fund became open to everyone. This meant that people did not have to be employed by a VicSuper-participating employer to join.

Any eligible person in Australia can join VicSuper's products - VicSuper FutureSaver and VicSuper Flexible Income.

2020 – Helping manage the future of more than a million Australians

On 1 July 2020, the merger between VicSuper and First State Super was completed, creating the second largest super fund in Australia. The combined funds manage more than $125* billion on behalf of more than 1.1 million* Australians. VicSuper members are a very important part of the fund, with overall members from Victoria making up close to half the total membership.

In September 2020, First State Super changed its name to Aware Super - a name that reflects the fund’s continuing commitment to taking action, creating positive impact, and being an even greater force for good in our communities. The VicSuper brand will sit alongside Aware Super and our members will continue to be part of the VicSuper division of Aware Super.

And we’ll be getting on with doing exactly what we’re here to do – providing you with great value super, along with retirement products and services, to help you achieve your goals.

Together we’re strongly committed to Victoria

Looking to the future, our commitment to Victoria remains as strong as ever. Our existing Victorian-based member services, employer services and advice teams are still here to take care of your needs. This commitment is also reflected in the further investments we’re making in Victorian communities. We’re supporting jobs growth with a co-investment in the $200m Victorian Business Growth Fund, and investing in key community and urban regeneration projects, including Bendigo Hospital and Two Melbourne Quarter.

* Figures as at August 2020
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