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VicSuper's history

VicSuper is one of Australia's fastest growing superannuation funds.

We've been around for more than twenty years, firmly focused on serving our members by helping them plan for and protect their future.

The VicSuper story

1994 - Opens as a Victorian public sector fund

VicSuper Fund opened in 1994 and was originally a Victorian public sector fund administered by the Victorian Superannuation Board (VSB), a Government organisation set up to administer the superannuation benefits of many Victorian public servants.

1999 – Becomes open to most employers

On 1 July 1999, the VSB was replaced by two organisations:

  • VicSuper Pty Ltd, which replaced the VSB as Trustee and administrator of VicSuper Fund
  • The Government Superannuation Office (GSO), which was established to administer superannuation benefits for members of the State Superannuation Fund (SSF). The SSF and the Emergency Services Superannuation Scheme merged to become one scheme for administrative purposes (called ESSSuper) under the trusteeship of the Emergency Services & State Super Board.

From this date, VicSuper Fund became open to most employers in Australia, including all private sector employers.

2000 – Becomes open to everyone

In July 2000, VicSuper Fund became open to everyone. This meant that people did not have to be employed by a VicSuper participating employer to join.

Any eligible person in Australia can join VicSuper's products - VicSuper FutureSaver and VicSuper Flexible Income.

Present day – Over 240,000 members and growing!

Today VicSuper is one of Australia's fastest growing superannuation funds, with over 240,000 members. VicSuper is a not-for-profit fund that is managed solely in the interests of members. VicSuper's corporate governance system integrates economic, social and environmental considerations into all decisions it makes.

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