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End of Financial Year Processing

From 5pm Tuesday 28 June until Thursday 7 July: Change of Income Details and Centrelink Schedules will not be available during this time.

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On July 1 2020 we merged with Aware Super becoming one of Australia’s largest industry funds.

As a merged fund we strive to display a high standard of corporate governance as we believe it’s essential to ensure we act in the best interests of our members and maintain the stability of the Fund.

We provide clear reporting on major operational decisions such as how we choose investment options, appoint board directors, and manage fund administration.

Key resources

You can find key resources concerning the operation of the fund and the trustee below

  • Constitution and Trust Deed

    The primary source of the Trustee’s power is the Trust Deed (Governing Rules) of the Fund and the Company’s Articles of Association (Constitution).

    These documents set out the rules for running the fund including how directors are appointed and removed.

    Our Constitution (PDF 728kb)

    Our Trust Deed (PDF 7mb)

  • Financial Statements

    2020 Annual Financial Statements

  • Summary of significant events

    From time to time, VicSuper needs to inform members there has been a material or significant change to the fund. These are known as a Significant Event Notice (SEN).

    A SEN can relate to changes to a VicSuper product or changes initiated by legislation impacting the taxation of super or how we are governed.

    SENs may be sent to members in regular newsletters, included with our annual statements or a separate dedicated notification.

    These SENs' provide important updates about your super and pension.

  • Other policies and governance

    Can be viewed on Aware Super's website

    View now

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