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We're making changes to your super. And it's good news for you.

Managing your super is about to get simpler and easier. Here’s what you can look forward to over the next year: a smarter, easier digital experience, upgraded products with more investment options, and benefits of being part of a bigger fund. It’s all part of our promise to do good for our community and do well for you – so you can enjoy a better retirement.

Better digital services

MembersOnline and a new app to securely control your super wherever you are.

Better choices

More investment options coming your way to help you build your super balance your way.

Better is bigger

As part of Aware Super, benefit from the investing power of a bigger industry super fund that shares your values.

What's changing for the better right now?

With a new app, and the smarter, enhanced MembersOnline, you'll find it's much easier to securely track and manage your super online.

Meet your new VicSuper app

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  • Make a contribution
  • Update your details
  • Switch investment options


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Check out your new MembersOnline

Your new online experience comes with great features, enhanced security and straightforward navigation to make it much easier to manage and grow your super:

  • Make a contribution
  • Claim a tax deduction for personal super contributions
  • Find and combine your other super accounts
  • Update your personal and banking details

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Mobile App

  • I already have the VicSuper App. Do I need to download it again?

    You need to delete the old version and download the new VicSuper App to your mobile device to access the new features.

    Download the latest version from the App Store or GooglePlay, visit New VicSuper mobile app.

  • What transactions can I perform via the VicSuper App?

    Manage your retirement savings on the go, anywhere, anytime with the upgraded, VicSuper App.

    It’s easy to:

    • View your account
    • Check your investment with enhanced performance and unit price charts
    • Keep on top of your statements
    • Update your bank account details
    • Update your mobile number
    • Create a unique username
    • Consolidate your super
    • Make direct debit contributions

    The VicSuper App also now supports biometric login and enables a simple way to share your super fund details with your employer, should you change jobs.

Accessing my account online - MembersOnline

  • How do I access my VicSuper MembersOnline account?

    If you have registered for online access, you can view and transact on your account via MembersOnline or via the VicSuper mobile App.

    If you have not registered for MembersOnline, it is simple and easy to do this today.

  • The two-factor authentication did not appear on my phone. What should I do?

    If you have provided us with your mobile phone number, we’ll send you a SMS with your one-time PIN.

    If you have not received your one-time PIN please call the Member Support Team on 1300 366 216.

  • What transactions can I perform via MembersOnline?

    It is now easy to complete a number of online transactions via MembersOnline, rather than using a physical hard copy form.

    You can now:

    • Track the progress of an application via My Activities Tracker
    • Add your bank account details
    • Make a Financial Hardship Claim (if eligibility criteria is met)
    • Claim a tax deduction (s290) for personal super contributions
    • Make a Work Test Declaration (if eligibility criteria is met)
    • Transition to retirement category switch
    • Create a unique username to log in to MembersOnline or VicSuper app
    • Update member details including mobile number, email address, street address and communication preferences
    • Make a non-binding beneficiary nomination.

    Your Super account - members can also now complete the following online:

    • Super withdrawal
    • Contribute to your super (via direct debit)
    • Investment switches
    • Transfer in your other super accounts
    • Make a partial transfer

    Your Pension account - members can also now complete the following online:

    • Pension withdrawal
    • Applications for Term Deposit
    • Update pension payments
    • Update member details including mobile number, email address, street address and communication preferences
    • Annual rebalance for your pension account

    The security of your information is important to us, that’s why we’ve also introduced mobile one-time PINs and ID Vertification.

    You can also see some of your letters and Statements of Advice (SOAs) via MembersOnline.

  • Can I still complete all transactions via a form?

    We’re happy to receive your paper form.

    However, by logging in to MembersOnline you can simply transact at the click of a button anywhere, anytime.

    If you have a form, please post to:

    VicSuper team, Aware Super
    GPO Box 89, Melbourne
    VIC 3001

  • How do I change my Investment options online?

    You may change your investment option, or mix of options, on any business day (except if you have a pending investment switch or term deposit application).

    You can change your investment options online by logging in to your MembersOnline.

    Read more about changing your investment options.

  • How do I add or change bank account details online?

    We have enhanced our MembersOnline experience and you are now able to make changes in a few easy steps:

    1. Log into your MembersOnline - we can help you find your member number.

    2. You’ll see your Account Summary.

    3. Select Profile.

    4. Select Bank Account Details.

    5. Use the Pen icon to update an existing bank account.

    6. Use the Plus symbol (+) to add a new account (if you’ve not provided a bank account in the past).

    7. Input your BSB and Account Number, then save.

    8. Follow the ID verification prompts.

    9. Select Verify my Identity.

    11. For your security, you’ll need to provide one form of ID. Select from one of six options including Drivers Licence, Medicare Card or Australian Passport.

    12. Confirm that you consent, so we can verify your details.

    13. Once your ID has been verified, your new bank account details will be saved and updated.

Member number and Account number

  • How do I find my member number?

    Use the easy to use Find your member number function.

    Alternatively, please contact us on 1300 366 216.

  • What’s the difference between my member number and my account number?

    Your member identifies you as an individual, your account numbers identify each specific account you have with us.

    If you only have one account with us, your member number is (in most cases) also your account number. If you open a second or third account, we give each account a unique number. All of your accounts are attached to your member number.

    For example, Jane’s member number is 687876. As Jane only has one account with us, her member number is also the account number for that account. When Jane opens a transition-to-retirement account, she is allocated a new account number 092878 for this account. Jane now has two account numbers, 687876 and 092878. Her member number will continue to be 687876. 

  • Can I log in to MembersOnline using an account number?
    If you’re an existing member you can log in using your member number or any of your account numbers. If you’re a new member you can only log in using your member number.
  • Why is my member number the same as my main account number?
    Most of our members only have one account, so it was simpler to use the member number rather than giving everyone a separate account number.
  • How many accounts can I have?
    You can open as many accounts as you like, although most members don’t have more than two accounts. For example, when you are nearing retirement you might open a Transition to Retirement pension account in addition to your normal super account. We will give each one a unique account number, but all of them will be attached to your member number. When you log in you’ll see all of your accounts.
  • When I complete a form do I use my member number or my account number?
    Our forms will specify which number we need. As we generally use forms to make changes to accounts, we will generally ask you for the number of a particular account.
  • Why did you give me a member number?
    Some of our members who had multiple accounts didn’t previously have a member number. If you’re one of these members, you now have a member number in our new computer system so we can keep track of all of your accounts. All your account numbers are attached to your member number.
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