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VicSuper has developed a 2020 Financial Wellbeing Strategy to help contribute to financial wellbeing for our members and the community.

More than half of all Australians have little or no understanding of financial products and services. With 1 in 12 working Victorians being a member of our fund, this is something we feel we have the ability to change.

At VicSuper, we’re serious about driving financial wellbeing outcomes, which is why it’s incorporated in our Corporate Responsibility Commitments. We believe there are a number of contributors to improved financial wellbeing, such as: 

  • participation in the financial system
  • being able to understand and having the capacity to take action on finances
  • being able to create a living income
  • access to community knowledge and support

We believe that all of these are important because they are directly linked to financial security, choice and resilience. 


Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP)

In December 2017, VicSuper released its inaugural Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP). The plan contains education and inclusion programs designed to bring about positive change for those within our membership, workplaces and community that experience financial hardship, live on low incomes or have low money management capabilities and confidence. The plan was released as part of VicSuper’s membership of the FIAP Trailblazer community. The FIAP Program is facilitated by Good Shepherd Microfinance and is funded by the Australian Government.

Download our Financial Inclusion Action Plan (PDF) or find out more about the FIAP Program.


Financial education

VicSuper has a long history of delivering financial advice, education and support to our members, their families and their local communities in order to drive financial wellbeing outcomes. In addition to the workshops, seminars and personal advice we offer all our members, we deliver a range of educational programs, including programs targeted specifically to those at risk of financial exclusion.

The Financial Fitness Program is a general financial education program that can be integrated with an employer’s broader health and well-being offering. The program consists of five online modules incorporating videos, articles and practical tasks that members can work through at their own pace.

The Workplace Transition Education Program is designed to support workers through the financial challenges associated with retrenchment. The program can easily be integrated within the employers existing transition program.

The Financial Fitness Program and the VicSuper Workplace Transition Education Program are offered to our members via their workplace, through VicSuper default employers. 


VicSuper Community Connect

VicSuper’s Financial Wellbeing Strategy is part of our broader Community Connect program, which has three core pillars:

  • Financial wellbeing
  • Advocating for positive change in the community
  • Connecting our employees with the community

Community Connect is designed to benefit the local Victorian community through financial literacy programs, advocating for positive change, and fostering connections between our employees and the community.

Find out more about VicSuper’s Community Connect Program (PDF)



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