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Better outcomes, better futures

We’re providing our members with more – more services, more tools, more guidance and more advice – to help them achieve better outcomes for their future. But we also look at the bigger picture – understanding our responsibility to contribute to the broader issues that matter, including action on climate change.

Our reporting demonstrates how we do this – including how we’ve performed over the reporting period, and how we intend to manage and adapt to current and future risks and opportunities so that we remain successful and sustainable well into the future.

Reporting suite

We’ve introduced some changes to our annual reporting this year in an effort to help our members, employers and other stakeholders find the information they need more easily.

As a result, our Annual Report is more concise than in previous years, and is teamed with the suite of supporting reports.


billion in funds under management


investment return over the past year for our MySuper FutureSaver members


number of member accounts


number of actively contributing employers


average account balance


average length of membership with VicSuper

8.2 out of 10

customer advocacy score


of members insured with VicSuper

Previous years reports

“I’ve always felt like VicSuper has my interests at heart. Their interests are my interests.”

Robert, VicSuper member