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It's who we are

Helping our members achieve a better quality of life in retirement goes well beyond sound money management and great service – it’s just as much about taking a responsible approach to everything we do, and being a positive member of our community.

Our corporate responsibility commitments

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Creating a more sustainable future together
Setting our sights high

Set by the United Nations to help transform the world by 2030, see how we’re using the Sustainable Development Goals to help us identify opportunities to generate benefits for our members and positively contribute to society.

How we approach corporate responsibility

We’re here for our members, but we’re also here for our community – the two go hand in hand.

Our commitment to reconciliation

We are committed to helping our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members plan for and protect their future – just like we do all our members.

Responsible investing – because making a difference matters

We’re committed to investing responsibly because we believe it puts us in a better position to generate long-term benefits for our members and their savings. And we know that for many of our members, peace of mind doesn’t just come from having a fund that’s helping to provide financial security for their retirement – it’s also about knowing their fund is helping to create the type of world they want to live in.

Our responsible investment approach

A responsible investment approach is integral to what we do as a super fund, and it’s why we’ve been recognised with an A+ rating from the Principles for Responsible Investment.

Our journey so far

Investing responsibly isn’t just an add on. In fact, we’ve spent nearly 20 years working to ensure that it’s embedded in how we invest.

Investing in sustainable outcomes

As a long-term investor, we have a vested interest in the sustainability of the global economy – and that means we need to invest accordingly.

Socially conscious investing

Looking for an investment option that better reflects your beliefs and values?

What matters to us

We’re advocating for change on the issues that matter to us and to our members, and playing our part in making a positive difference.

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