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There's a lot to think about when starting a Flexible Income stream. How much income do you need and how often? How do you invest your balance? Do you need to withdraw a lump sum?

The joining process can be quite detailed so we encourage you to meet with one of our qualified financial planners – they'll be happy to assist from beginning to end.

Am I eligible?

Fully retired Still working part-time
To start a VicSuper Flexible Income you need to have a minimum of $10,000 to invest and: 

have reached your preservation age and permanently retired from the workforce, or
have reached age 65, or
after reaching age 60 you cease an employment arrangement with an employer, or
are permanently incapacitated.
You can also start a VicSuper Flexible Income with Transition to Retirement feature and access part of your super if you have reached preservation age but are still working and transitioning to retirement.


5 key steps to starting a retirement income
  • Consider consolidating your super

    Many people have super in more than one fund due to changes in employment over their working life. Before commencing a retirement income, it may be a good idea to combine all your super so you have the highest possible balance in your account. Once you start your Flexible Income stream, you can’t add extra contributions or rollovers from other super funds to this account.


  • Open an account

    To start your Flexible Income stream, you must use savings from a complying:

    • superannuation fund
    • approved deposit fund, or
    • retirement savings account.

    If you hold a current VicSuper term deposit, you'll need to wait until the term finishes (or terminate the term deposit early – subject to approval and any early termination penalty).

  • Choose your investment options

    VicSuper offers members nine investment options to choose from ranging in risk and expected returns. You can choose one option or spread your investment across a mix of options. The investment option/s you choose will depend on a number of factors including your risk profile.

    Members who don't choose an option are automatically invested in VicSuper's Growth Option.

    A VicSuper qualified financial planner can help you choose an investment that best suits your needs.

  • Choose your payment amount and frequency

    You can choose to receive payments twice monthly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

    If you're starting a:

    VicSuper Flexible Income (eg you're fully retired), you can choose a payment amount above the minimum limit.

    VicSuper Flexible Income with Transition to Retirement feature (ie you're transitioning to retirement), you can choose a payment amount above the minimum limit and below the maximum amount being 10% of your total super balance.


  • Choose your beneficiary

    Nominating a beneficiary lets you decide who will receive the remaining balance of your VicSuper Flexible Income account in the event of your death. For more information, download the PDS.


Find out more

We've given you just an overview of the process of starting a Flexible Income stream.

More information is available in the VicSuper Flexible Income Combined FSG and PDS.


How a VicSuper financial planner can assist

Don't forget, a qualified VicSuper financial planner is available to assist with starting your Flexible Income account.

During an obligation-free meeting, a VicSuper financial planner can:

  • explain the retirement income options available to you
  • guide you through the joining process
  • advise you on how to combine any separate super accounts before starting your retirement income
  • help structure your Flexible Income account
  • help you choose the right investment strategy for your needs
  • help you complete the relevant forms
  • help you maximise any Centrelink benefits you are entitled to

Our advice service is offered at no obligation, and in most cases at no additional charge.


Request an advice appointment

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