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A disciplined approach

Our primary goal is to optimise our members’ retirement savings by diversifying across a range of asset classes and investing for the long-term.

To achieve this goal, we manage investments using a disciplined approach. The Trustee, FSS Trustee Corporation, is ultimately responsible for our investment strategy. The Trustee has a Board of Directors which is required to act in the best interests of members as a whole at all times and ensure that the fund is administered according to the fund’s trust deed and superannuation legislation.

The Trustee delegates the day to day management of the fund investments to a team of investment specialists who oversee investment portfolios across a wide range of asset classes and who also manage select assets in-house. Management of the fund’s investments operates within a robust governance framework. 

An emphasis on diversification

We aim to achieve diversification in our investment options.  For multi-asset class options like Balanced and Growth (MySuper), we diversify across and within asset classes.  For single asset class options like Australians shares, there are natural limits to diversification.  However, we still find opportunities to diversify - for instance, investing across different market sectors.


Strategic asset allocation

Each pre-mixed option is assigned a medium to longer term target asset allocation, known as the strategic asset allocation. The strategic asset allocation is the percentage of monies allocated to asset classes.

Setting and monitoring strategic asset allocations

The Trustee sets the strategic asset allocation for each investment option.

Strategic allocations are monitored by the Investment Committee (on behalf of the Trustee) to ensure the investment options are appropriately positioned to meet their investment objectives.

Does the strategic asset allocation ever change?

Strategic asset allocations may change from time to time. The Trustee reviews the strategic asset allocations annually in conjunction with a review of each investment option's investment objectives.

The actual asset allocation in place at a particular time may vary from the strategic asset allocation because we use an active asset allocation approach. This allows us to take advantage of market conditions by temporarily increasing or decreasing our exposure to a particular asset class (or a specific sector or geography within an asset class, e.g. US equities). This can help shield members from the risks of being overexposed to expensive markets and add incremental returns by increasing exposures to asset classes when they are attractive.

More on active asset allocation

For the pre-mixed options we establish asset allocation ranges which are the minimum and maximum amounts we can invest in each asset class (in normal operating circumstances).

The active asset allocation approach allows us to take advantage of market conditions by temporarily increasing or decreasing our exposure to a particular asset class.

Investment partners

We work with a panel of expert investment managers who specialise in different asset types to assist us in managing your super.

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