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What to expect from a financial planning appointment

We offer a range of advice services with qualified financial planners – from advice delivered over-the-phone, face-to-face advice and our expanded advice service where you can discuss more comprehensive financial matters. 

Your appointment could cover topics such as – how much super you need, how to minimise your tax, how to boost your super, what investment strategy best suits you, and what to do when you retire.

Appointment Basics

Everything you need to know about how a financial planning appointment works.

  • Who should get advice

    No matter what your current super balance is, how much you earn, or how far off your retirement is – when it comes to your super, it's never too late or too early to seek advice. Even a 30 minute chat with one of our professional planners could help you understand how to grow your super and improve your retirement.

    When it comes to your super, we're here to help you retire well.

  • About our planners

    We have 19 locations across Victoria for face-to-face appointments. You can meet with one of our qualified financial planners at a location near you. 

    To get started, complete a booking and one of our team members will be in touch to arrange an appointment.

  • Phone or face-to-face advice?
    When it comes to getting advice, we know you need flexibility, so we offer face-to-face advice at 19 locations across Victoria, as well as phone advice.

    When you request an appointment, we'll arrange an appointment that best suits you. 

    You can also call us on 03 9667 9200 if you’d like to speak to someone about booking an appointment now.
  • How to prepare

    Everyone’s situation is different, and while advice appointments generally require minimal preparation, as a general rule we recommend you consider things like:

    • How good are you at saving currently?
    • What assets and liabilities do you have?
    • Where does your income come from?
    • Do you have more than one super fund
    • What’s your expected retirement income

    If your appointment requires any pre-work, your planner will let you know what you’ll need to think about beforehand.

  • Understanding you
    Understanding your current finances and goals helps us tailor the advice we provide and ensures you get the best possible service. This is why we will ask questions about your assets, income, expenditure, attitude to money and even your health.
  • How much time do you need?
    This will depend on your personal situation and the type of advice you require. Some appointments may take only 20 minutes. More complex advice, especially in relation to retirement planning may take 90 minutes or more. 

    Your planner will provide an estimate of how long your appointment will last.
  • Receiving a statement of advice
    When you receive personal advice from one of our financial planners, you'll receive a Statement of Advice (SOA). This will outline where you are now, what you want to achieve, what we recommend and why. It also summaries when and how to implement our recommendations and what to do if you need further assistance.

    Your SOA can be posted to your preferred address, uploaded to MembersOnline, or given to you in person at a follow up meeting.
  • Implementing and reviewing advice
    Once a statement of advice has been provided, the next step is to implement the recommendations made. This will be your responsibility. Your planner will follow up to check if you require assistance or have any questions.

    As your life changes, so will your finances, whether it’s a change to a personal relationship, having children, buying a house, planning for retirement or working out what to do at retirement. It's important to review your situation with your planner to ensure you remain on track to meet your goals, or to help meet new ones. We’re here to help you each step of the way.

  • Fees for advice
    Our members can get guidance and simple personal advice on their interest with VicSuper at no extra cost. Fees may be payable for more complex types of personal advice. Once your financial planner understands your requirements, any fee that may apply will be clearly explained to you – so you can decide if you wish to proceed.

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Our financial planners are here to help, over the phone or face-to-face at a location near you.
Super and retirement webinars
Learn more about your super or retirement, and have your questions answered by one of our advisers.
Important forms and documents
Preparing for your advice appointment

Use this document to assess your financial situation.

Financial Services Guide

Understand the important features of the financial services we provide.

Privacy Statement

Find out how we protect your privacy and use your personal information.

Consent form

Complete this form if your partner can't attend the appointment but you want to discuss their personal information.

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