VicSuper FutureSaver

VicSuper FutureSaver is a low-cost superannuation account, designed specifically for people who are of working age.

Why VicSuper FutureSaver?

  • Low fee structure 
  • A range of investment options
  • Expert advice
  • Educational programs and seminars
  • Comprehensive insurance cover at cost-effective premiums
  • Online account management
  • Our member rewards

FutureSaver details

Low fee structure

VicSuper charges no entry or exit fees, and we don't pay commissions.

Investment management cost  

Fee type  Amount  

Administration fee*

Administration fee 

0.28% pa

Account-keeping fee

$1.50 per week 

Indirect cost ratio

Operational risk reserve cost

0.05% pa

Investment management cost  

Ranges between 0.00% pa to 0.75% pa (estimated)
depending on your investment option

Buy-sell spread 


Switching fee


Exit fee


Advice fee 

Included in the Administration fee above

Investment fee

The applicable investment costs are included in the Indirect cost ratio above

Other fees and costs
Advice fee (for certain types of personal advice^) $200 - at the time of advice, the fee may be deducted from your account, paid by credit card or EFTPOS

For further details on the fees that apply to VicSuper FutureSaver members, click here or refer to the Member Guide - Fees and costs.

* The administration fee and account-keeping fee are deducted from your account at the end of each month in arrears. These fees are capped at a combined total of $125 per month per account.

^ Only applicable to members who receive certain types of personal advice. Please see Additional explanation of fees and costs for more information.

Making contributions

Accepted contributions

Before-tax & other concessional contributions 

After-tax contributions


  • Compulsory employer contributions
    (superannuation guarantee) 
  • Salary sacrifice 
  • Additional employer contributions 
  • Self-employed contributions 
  • Voluntary (personal) after-tax contributions 
  • Spouse contributions
  • Rollovers from other super funds 
  • Government co-contributions 
  • Lost super
  • Superannuation contribution splitting
  • Low income super contributions 

Read more about building your super.

Investment options

VicSuper members can choose from a range of nine investment options:

Members who don’t choose an option are automatically invested in VicSuper’s Growth (MySuper) Option.


Death & TPD cover   Death only cover  Income protection cover

Automatic cover*

6 units
(Up to $309,000
depending on your age) 

Automatic cover*

Not applicable.
(Death cover is available automatically with TPD cover)

Automatic cover*

6 units
(Up to $3,000 per month) 

Maximum cover available

Unlimited death cover
Up to $5 million TPD cover

Maximum cover available


Maximum cover available

Up to $30,000 per month



Up to age 70


Up to age 70 


Up to age 65

* Eligible new VicSuper members who join through their employer receive automatic insurance cover. Other VicSuper FutureSaver members can apply for insurance.

Find out more about insurance.


Anyone who is eligible to make contributions into super can open a VicSuper FutureSaver account.  You can join online in just a few minutes.

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Getting help & advice

VicSuper offers a range of services to help members plan for retirement and achieve their retirement savings goals.

No commissions. No obligations.

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