Guide to providing proof of ID

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When you need to provide proof of ID

To better protect your super, you need to prove your identity in the following situations:


Documents required 

 Change your name

A suitable linking document in addition to your proof of ID, such as:

  • marriage certificate
  • deed poll
  • change of name certificate from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office

If you’re signing on behalf of someone else 

A suitable linking document in addition to your proof of ID, such as:

  • guardianship papers 
  • Power of attorney 

Download the Complete list of people who can certify your documents and acceptable proof of identity documents

How to certify proof of identity documents  

Number 1Take your ID to an authorised person

Take both the ORIGINAL and a PHOTOCOPY of your identification documents to an authorised person such as a pharmacist, police officer, nurse, justice of the peace or legal practitioner.

You can also visit a VicSuper advice centre to have your ID verified.

Please note that a different list of proof of identity documents apply if you are living overseas.

Complete list of people who can certify your documents  

Number 1Get your ID certified

The authorised person needs to: 

  • compare the photocopy to the original 
  • Include the following details on the copy: stamp or write ‘I certify that this document is a true copy of the original having been sighted by me on this day DD / MM / YYYY’ 
  • their qualification eg

    police officer 

  • their name 
  • their address and phone number and 
  • their signature

This is shown in the image below.

Victorian Drivers License

Number 3Return your documents to us

Post your completed form/s with your certified ID documents to:

GPO Box 89
Melbourne VIC 3001