Seminars and events

Superannuation seminar topics we regularly run include:

  • Transition to Retirement – Will you have enough super? How to maximise your super contributions. Potential tax benefits in starting a superannuation income stream. How VicSuper can help. 
  • Super for every super woman – Things women need to consider when planning for retirement. Will you have enough? Insurance needs. Retirement options. Tax- effective strategies. How VicSuper can help. 
  • Have a super retirement – Considerations in planning for retirement. Your super options when you retire. Centrelink and the Age Pension. How VicSuper can help.

Date Event Name Location
22 Jul 2015 Transition to Retirement Mulgrave Register
05 Aug 2015 Transition to Retirement Laverton Register
12 Aug 2015 Have a Super Retirement Ringwood Register
18 Aug 2015 Have a Super Retirement Caroline Springs Register
18 Aug 2015 Have a Super Retirement Albury Register