We're making retirement planning easy.

Get retirement ready

Many of us look forward to retirement but the planning can seem overwhelming, especially around your finances.

In this section we have put together some information, tools and videos to help you understand your income options in retirement and how to start planning.

No complicated jargon. Just simple concepts explained in everyday language you can understand.

Introduction to retirement and retirement incomes video

Watch the video

Your 3-minute intro to retirement. Understand your income options and how all your income sources can work together to provide an income that lasts as long as you need it.

Laptop showing VicSuper retirement incomes calculator

Retirement Planner

A simple planning tool. Start your planning journey knowing how much you're likely to need, and how long you're likely to need it for. 

About retirement


VicSuper Retirement Income Solution

For most of us, the answer to our retirement income needs will actually be a combination of income sources.

VicSuper provides a range of retirement income solutions that can work together, and with any other income sources you may have, so your retirement income keeps pace with your retirement lifestyle.

Continuing with some part time paid work

Transitioning to retirement

About you: You're over 60 but not ready to retire from paid work just yet. You'd like to wind down gradually... and tax effectively. 

Retiring completely

Retired or planning to retire

About you: You're planning on retiring from paid work completely (or maybe you already have) and you want a retirement income that is going to keep pace with your retirement lifestyle.